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Nationwide Tax Diary Study | Earn $350

We have been asked to recruit men and women, nationwide, to participate in a paid tax diary study where our client is asking participants to document their tax prep journey from beginning to end. Our client is interested in learning about what consumers go through as well as what steps are taken and when, during tax season.

Aside from documenting the experience and process, participants will be asked to take part in a 30 minute video chat after being confirmed and once the taxes have been filed, they would ask you to take part in another video chat, this time lasting 90 minutes.

The study is conducted online and over the phone/web/video chat so you won’t be required to go anywhere you wouldn’t normally be going. Because of this we are able to recruit people from all over the United States.

Participants who qualify and complete this study, will be offered an honorarium of $350 for their time and participation. This is paid in April after the tax filing deadline has passed.

If this sounds liker something you would be interested in doing, we will need to ask you some questions to determine whether or not you qualify. Included below is a link you can click on to answer these questions online OR you are welcome to call into our office at 619-814-0480 or (toll-free) 844-718-0692 and ask for our Tax Diary Study at extension 120.

Feel free to tell others about this research if you think they might be interested! We are always accepting new members to our studies as well as our regular panel. We look forward to hearing from you.