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Paid Study for Industry Specific Professionals and Specialized Occupations | $250

We are conducting a paid usability study for a client who is hoping to gain insights from industry specific professionals on different websites and how they can be improved. If qualified, we would schedule you to take part in a 90 minute in person interview being held at an off-site location in the Downtown San Diego area.

During this interview you would be asked to complete activities on different websites and provide feedback on your experience while doing so. Some of our clients will be present to observe the interview session and it will also be video recorded. Please note: The recording will not be shared or publicized in any way; it will only be used for note taking purposes.

Participants will be compensated $250 for their time and participation at the conclusion of the interview. The interviews will take place on Wednesday, February 8th or Thursday, February 9th. We have morning, afternoon and early evening sessions available. 

Included below are some specifics on what we need: 

  • Environmental – Oceanography – Pollution: Occupations like Scientists, Engineers, Researchers, or other roles with a specialization or research interest in this area
  • Information Technology – Internet of Things (IoT): Occupations like Web, software, hardware, or systems development, IT security specialists or other IT professionals with specialization or research interests in the “IoT” (Internet of Things) 
  • Medical Professionals – Healthcare Specializations: Occupations like Doctors, Surgeons, Medical Practitioners, Medical Researchers specialization or research interests in Parkinson’s Disease, Neuroscience or Neurology, The central nervous system, Again, Neurodegenerative disorders or Alzheimer’s Disease. 

In order for us to determine whether or not you qualify to participate, we will need to ask you some questions. Included below is a link you can click on to answer these questions online OR you can call into our office @ 619-814-0480 and ask for Samantha at extension 124.