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Nurse Managers, Nurse Directors and Hospital Human Resource Employees Needed in Porland, OR & Seattle, WA

Flagship Research has a study in your area and we are looking for participants. For this study we need Nurse Managers/ Directors and people working in Hospital Human Resource roles to take part.

This is taking place in Portland, Oregon on Monday, August 7th and Tuesday, August 8th, then in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday, August 9th and Thursday, August 10th.

Our client is interested in learning more about the roles and responsibilities of these titles. Participants would be asked to take part in a 90-minute in-person interview being held at a facility in the area. We are offering a $300 honorarium to qualified participants who take part in this interview. This study is strictly for research purposes only; nothing is being sold. 

In order to get participate; we’ll need to ask some questions to determine whether or not the study is appropriate for you. It only takes a few minutes.

Our office can be reached by calling 844-718-0692, ask for Jamie at extension 106. If you have to leave a message, please leave it on extension 106 as well.

OR You can answer these questions online by clicking one of the links below: 

If you know anyone in Portland or Seattle who might qualify and be interested in participating, please share this information!

We are offering a $50 referral incentive for any qualified referrals you can send our way. As long as the person qualifies and shows up to participate in the study, we will mail you a check for $50 for each referral. 

Just make sure they mention your name and phone number as the person who referred them when they call us so we can compensate you for the referral.